Would you like to be a Millionaire? Who wouldn't?



What have you made so significant about money that doesn't allow you to have ease with it?

Is there really any difference between a small amount of money and a million?

Could you choose to have money simply for the joy of playing with it, instead of how and what it's supposed to mean to you?

Are you using lack as a way to keep yourself under control?

What do you truly desire that you could demand come into existence?

Who could you truly be if money was not an issue?


If these questions have started stirring something inside you, then come along!

Tools You Can Use To Create

A Totally Different Financial Reality!


A MONTH TO MILLIONS is an invitation to have and be a totally different financial reality! This was a month long program that ran from 1 Aug 2020 to 4 Sep 2020, with some 20-minute calls everyday, consisting of clearings and energy tugs. Close to a 1000 participants have contributed their questions and energies in creating this amazing program.

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Here are some samples from the episodes...

If I told you that you cannot be a Millionaire, would you let that stop you?


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